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I have regretted big time using this company to handle my domain. They are prompt in collecting money but after that, you do not get any after sales service.

And once your website goes live and if you ever need any assistance, they will tell you they do not give anymore assistance once your website is live but yet, they are keen to collect your yearly fee to renew your domain. Worst of all....when you call their company phone number, nobody ever picks up the phone! Your call will get directed to a recording machine announcing their office is closed. Even on a normal weekdays at normal working hours, you call their number, a recording message will say they are closed.

When you send them email....they do not respond for days. It's a big mistake for me to use this company!!!!!'

Product or Service Mentioned: Top3 Media Domain Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Encountered same thing!Maybe we should write in to IMDA to remove this company as registrar!


yes, I am facing exactly the same issue with this company. Very prompt in collecting money but very slow response to query.

I really regret to register a domain with them.

now the thing is i can not even change to another company to re-register the same domain name.

Guess this company is online-fraud. they display a telephone number on their website but you can never get through to talk to any of them.


I agree completely with this complaint. Worse service ever.

Been trying for 2 weeks to get someone to answer a ticket, email or phone! They took our money though!